Reiki Therapy Sessions

Reiki is guided by a higher consciousness, therefore one can never give too little or too much. A Reiki
treatment of any duration is always pleasant and relaxing, and even the shortest of treatments can
produce effective results.  Longer treatments only increase the value of Reiki.  When I treat a client in
a therapeutic setting, my Reiki treatments usually last from one to one and a half hours, and tend to
follow this pattern:

What You Can Expect
Initial Visit
When I first meet with a client , I conduct an initial consultation, where we discuss the client's physical
ailments as well as any mental or emotional concerns that he or she feels comfortable voicing.  I  also
discuss the nature of Reiki, and  answer any questions that the client may have concerning treatment.
Any medication the client is taking is completely documented as well as any other form of
complementary therapy that he or she may be undergoing.  Any information provided or discussed
during the consultation or during the Reiki treatment session, is considered confidential and held in the
strictest confidence between the client and myself.  Prior to any treatment an Aura and Chakra video
is taken and discussed with the client.  This insures that special attention will be provided to areas
which need therapy the most.

Healing Attunement
A Healing attunement is a technique developed by the International Center for Reiki Training
(ICRT).  The Healing attunement brings the dynamic, high-frequency ki that is channelled during
Reiki attunements into the client's energy field for the purposes of healing. The Healing attunement
does not initiate the client into Reiki, but opens the individual’s aura and helps to create within them a
more receptive state of consciousness.

Subtle Auric Treatment
Following the Healing attunement, the client lies, fully clothed, upon a Reiki table. I then use Reiki
energy to treat the aura and various layers of the energetic body. Several techniques developed by
the International Center
for Reiki Training are then used, such as scanning, beaming and psychic surgery.

Classic Reiki Treatment
Once the client's aura and energetic bodies have been treated, I move on to bodywork. This is Reiki
treatment in the classic sense, and always comprises the majority of any session. The hands are placed
gently upon or directly above various positions on the client's body, including the head, neck,
shoulders, upper and lower back, torso, legs and feet.  Each position is treated for about 3 to 5

Following the Classic Reiki session, I finish by grounding the client. The Reiki energy is then sealed
within the aura.  As a result of this sealing, the Reiki energy will continue to have a positive impact even
after the session is completed.

Reiki Treatments are available seven days a week beginning at 9 am with the last
appointment given at 8:00 pm..  

Fee Schedule
Payment Methods:  Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card(plus convenience fee), Pay Pal.
For more information contact us by using the form in the
Type of Visit
IN Person Session
Distant Session
90 minutes
$ 95.00
$ 75.00
30 minute
30 minutes
$ 25.00
60 minutes
60 minutes
$ 65.00
$ 55.00
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