All topics covered in Reiki Level I and II classes are included in this
Reiki Intensive Workshop.  Please refer to Reiki Level I and ReikiLevel II for additional information.

What are the benefits of taking a combined course?

Most students are ready to take Reiki I and II as a combined class.  Talking the two levels together
does not limit the student.  The student is given all the tools and instruction they need to effectively
practice Reiki.  

Power Point lectures cover the following areas:

Students who choose to take both levels together usually  find it to be a very rewarding experience.
However, for those students who would appreciate a more gradual approach, the two levels are also
offered separately.

The tuition fee for Reiki I and II is $ 250.00 (which includes the cost of the manual), which is a
savings of $50.00 over taking the classes separately.

Registration may be made with a deposit of $ 100.00, the remainder of the balance being payable on
the course date.

Payment Methods:  Cash, Check, Visa, Master Card (plus convenience fee), Pay Pal.

For more information contact us at :
  • the Reiki hand positions for  Self-healing and for treating others
  • the Hayashi Healing Guide
  • how to clear a space of negativity
  • how to protect the practitioner in times of distress
  • how to break bad habits and transform unhappy situations
  • how to manifest goals and aspirations
  • how to send Reiki across the distances of space and time.
  • demonstration of Koki-Ho
  • demonstration and practice of Jacki-Kiri Joka-Ho
  • demonstration and practice of Kenyoku
  • demonstration and practice of Gyoshi-Ho
  • demonstration and practice of Beaming
  • demonstration Byosen Scanning


Level I and II

Course Manual

Reiki hand positions
for self treating and
treating others

Use of Symbols

Lots of practice giving
and receiving Reiki

Continued support

Reiki Exchange


Distant Reiki






Gyoshi Ho




Byosen Scanning


Hayashi Healing
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Reiki Level I and II
All prospective students have the option, to take their Reiki I and II training as a combined class.  
This method of teaching is preferred by the International Center for Reiki Training,
one of the world’s most respected Reiki Training Centers and organization.
Content and class fee's are  subject to change.