Classes Include:

Review of Reiki I

Power Point

Level II
Course Manual

Reiki Level II

Aura clearing

Use of Symbols

Lots of practice
giving and
receiving Reiki

Reiki Exchange


Distant Reiki



Gyoshi Ho






Hayashi Healing
Stateline Reiki
Reiki Level II
Prerequisite: Reiki Level I
This one day course is suitable for students who have completed a
Reiki Level I course, either with Stateline Reiki or another instructor
In the morning, we review the material from Reiki Level I, and answer any
questions the student may have.  This is followed by a talk on the Reiki II
symbols and how they are used and a review of the attunement process.  The
students are provided with drawings of the three healing symbols which are
used in the practice of second degree Reiki. The symbols are a unique and
powerful aspect of Reiki II; the use of them in treatment increases the strength
of the Reiki energy, and directs it in specific ways.  Students are given ample
time to practice drawing the symbols for the remainder of the morning session,
then we break for lunch.
Reiki level II is the key which will further
enhance one's Reiki abilities.   In Reiki
level II,  the student learns  3 sacred
symbols.  With these sacred tools, the
students Reiki energy is increased and
abilities enhanced through by using
the  Distant, Mental/Emotional and
Power Reiki symbols
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This is followed by a demonstration of Koki-Ho, Jacki-Kiri Joka-Ho,
Kenyoku, and Gyoshi-Ho, Byosen Scanning and Beaming.

After completion of this course students will be, with practice, fully qualified
to work as professional Reiki therapists, should they choose to do so. For
those who are interested in working professionally, we will cover the
practicalities of starting up and maintaining a therapeutic practice.

An extensive c
lass manual developed by Stateline Reiki is provided to       
each student, as well as a certificate of completion.
Follow up support is provided for all students, should the need arise.

Stateline Reiki formed the first Reiki Exchange/Reiki Share group in the
Rockford, Il Community.  We conduct  monthly meetings, so practitioners of
all levels and lineages can come and exchange treatments and share their Reiki
experiences. All students are encouraged to attend.

The tuition fee for Reiki Level II is $ 175.00.  Registration may be made with
a deposit of $ 75.00, the remainder of the balance being payable on the
course date.

Payment Methods:  Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.

For more information contact us at :
Once attuned a substantial part of
the afternoon is devoted to the
practice of giving treatments; every
student is assured the opportunity
to both give and receive Reiki
When the practice has been completed, a Power Point talk is
given on the following subjects:
  • increasing strength of a Reiki treatment
  • clearing a space of negativity
  • protecting the practitioner in times of distress
  • facilitating mental and emotional healing
  • breaking bad habits and transform unhappy situations
  • manifesting goals and aspirations
  • sending Reiki across the distances of space and time  

Content and class fee's are  subject to change.