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Stateline Reiki
Reiki Level I
Prerequisite: None.
This course is designed for those with no Reiki experience at all or for Reiki
level I practitioners who want to brush up on what they have already learned
and perhaps gain some additional skills.
The course is a combination of Power Point talks, class discussion and
practice. A welcoming environment is ensured, and course sizes are kept to
small groups. After introductions, I usually give two talks: one on the nature
and philosophy of Reiki, and one on the history of Reiki.  I cover both the
Japanese and Western elements.  The morning concludes with time for
questions and class discussion, and then we break for lunch.

The tuition for Reiki Level I is $ 150.00 (which includes the cost of the
manual).  Registration may be made with a deposit of $ 75.00, the remainder
of the balance being payable on the course date.

Payment Methods:  Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard, PayPal.

For more information contact us at :
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The workshop includes an extensive
ractical class manual, many hand
outs and learning aides
, as well as a
certificate of completion which is
suitable for framing. Follow up
support is provided for all students,
should the need arise.
Stateline Reiki formed the first Reiki
Exchange/Reiki Share group in the
Rockford, Il Community.  
We conduct  monthly meetings, so
practitioners of all levels and lineages
can come and exchange treatments and
share their Reiki experiences.  
All students are encouraged to attend.
The afternoon segment of the course is
more hands-on than the morning
session. Students are attuned to first
degree Reiki, and shown how to give
treatments to both themselves and
others. We cover the Japanese
techniques of Gassho, Reji-Ho and
Jacki-Kiri Joka-Ho, as well as western  
Hayashi Healing Techniques, Boysen
Scanning and Beaming.
A substantial part of the afternoon is
devoted to the practice of giving
treatments; every student is assured the
opportunity to both give and receive
Reiki treatments.

Content and class fee's are  subject to change.