Class Type
Karuna Level I
1 day
$ 300.00
Karuna Level II
1 day
$ 300.00
Karuna Master
1 day
$ 350.00
Karuna Intensive
3 days
$ 700.00
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Karuna Reiki Classes
Stateline Reiki
Prospective students need to have taken their full Reiki Master Training,

Proof of Master Level certification is required.  

Students taking Karuna Master level training should be comfortable with and
experienced in performing Usui Reiki attunements.
Registration may be made with a deposit of  $ 100.00 (for Karuna Level I and Karuna
Level lI) or 200.00 (for the Karuna Intensive Workshop), with the remainder of the
balance being payable on the course date.
Payment Methods:  Cash, Check, Visa, MasterCard via PayPal.

If you would like additional information on Karuna Reiki please e-mail us at :    
This is an advanced class that is taught only to Reiki Masters.  Karuna is a Sanskrit Word
that means "compassionate action".  The Karuna system of healing was developed by
William Lee Rand of the International Center for Reiki Training.  

Karuna is a new and evolving system of healing, first developed in the 1990's. It has been
thoroughly tested and found to be very effective.
Karuna Reiki is an advanced and intricate system of healing for our evolving world.

The Karuna system of Reiki utilizes visual symbols, just as in the practice of traditional
Usui Reiki. Each symbol brings a unique vibration of energy into the practice of Karuna,
and can be used to focus the energy in specific ways.

There are two levels of Karuna training, and the system contains eight practitioner symbols
and four master symbols. Each Karuna symbol has a specific healing purpose and effect.  
Earth healing, transmuting fear, releasing issues from past lives, karma and abuse.  
In addition there are special frequencies for:  clearing cellular memory, grounding,
manifesting, and creating peace.

Stateline Reiki gives you 3 ways you can receive your Karuna Training.  
You may wish to take each level separately or
you can take both levels of Karuna Reiki during a three-day intensive class.

A 45 page manual and certificate of completion is provided, and follow-up support is
available after each class.

.The tuition fee for the Karuna Reiki courses are: