Community Activities
Reiki Exchange
Attention Reiki Practitioners of all lineages.  Stateline Reiki sponsors a FREE meditation
and group healing session the last Saturday of each month.  The session is open to all levels
of Reiki practitioners.  The purpose of the Reiki Exchange is for students and Reiki
Practitioners to continue with their own meditation and Reiki development, to meet and
socialize with each other and to heal.  Those members of the community who want to find out
more about Reiki are also encouraged to  come.  If you are interested in attending the next
meeting, please contact us
using the form found in the   CONTACT US TAB

Introduction to Reiki
Stateline Reiki is available to speak to groups with an interest in learning more  about Reiki.   
If you are interested in this FREE service, please contact us via the form in the                   

Informational Seminar
Several times a year, Stateline Reiki conducts  no obligation, informational Reiki seminars, for
our community.  Our presentations are very relaxed and informal.  Reiki is difficult to
conceive, no matter how long we talk about it.  Therefore the presentation is reinforced by
practical introduction of the Reiki method.  While one of us is speaking, the other is quietly
walking around the room asking participants if they would like to experience Reiki.  We either
sit or stand behind the person and place our hands on their shoulders.  We do our best to
give everyone present an opportunity to experience Reiki.

If you would like to be placed on our Introduction To Reiki mailing list, please contact us by
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