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Four times a year we offer FREE “Get
To Know” Reiki sesions.  The sessons
cover a variety of Reiki topics.  It also
provides Stateline residents an
opportunity to receive a complimentary
Reiki treatment (if they desire). This
allows them a way to experience the
restorative quality of Reiki for themselves.
Community Outreach # 1:
New Reiki Practitioners:
You may contact Sharyn at  
Stateline Reiki
Stateline Reiki also offers Advanced
Reiki Techniques, Master Level Classes
and Karuna Reiki Classes for those
experienced practitioners who wish to
learn and grow.  These classes are
available on a quarterly basis.  
Advanced Reiki Techniques
On a monthly basis, Stateline Reiki,  
sponsors Reiki Level I and II classes.   
Class sizes are small, allowing for more
one on one time with the instructor and
an optimal learning experience.  Once
the class is completed students have the
ability to give Reiki treatments to
themselves and others.
Monthly Reiki Exchanges are sponsored
by Stateline Reiki.  
These meetings are held the last
Saturday of the month and allow trained
practitioners a place to hone their skills
and learn new techniques.  It also allows
practitioners to receive Reiki by offering
one another, hands-on healing
Community Outreach # 2

Stateline Reiki offers a variety of
personalized  therapeutic Reiki
sessions.  These sessions are
conducted one on one, in a warm and  
nurturing environment.
Treatment Sessions:
Sharyn’s vision is to form a group of well-trained Reiki practitioners who will
work together and make the healing benefits of Reiki accessible to the
Stateline area.

To fulfill her vision, Sharyn is focusing on four main areas:
Sharyn’s Reiki lineage traces directly back to the founder of Reiki, Dr. Usui, who
began practicing Reiki in Japan in the 1800's.  

Her Master teacher is William Lee Rand, founder of the International Center for
Reiki Training.

Click this link
(Sharyn’s Master Lineage) for additional information.
Our founder, Sharyn Gooder,  is an Intuitive Healer and Reiki
Master/Teacher in the Usui System of Natural Healing.  
About Our Founder