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The Munay-Ki rites are the nine gates that begin our healing and transform our
human energy field to that of homo luminous.
The prophecies of the ancient Americans speak about a new human appearing
on the planet – one who lives free of fear and is conscious of every action, intent,
and thought. Munay-Ki are the codes for the new human. They are delivered in
the form of energetic transmissions. The ninth rite, the “Creator Rite”, was
transmitted for the first time in the summer of 2006 at the Holy Mountains in the
Andes. The nine initiations of Munay-Ki have only been available, until
recently, to the high wisdom keepers of the Americas.

When the Inca elders discussed if the time was right to offer these rites to the
world, there was great concern, particularly with the Creator Rite.  The Creator
Rite is the highest shamanic initiation, and it empowers us to dream any kind of
world into being. The legends say that whoever has these rites can move
mountains, and that any thoughts they have – good or bad – will manifest. Their
concern was that the “dream” we humans have created, in the Middle East and
elsewhere, seemed more like a nightmare. But they concluded that we already
have this power. Everything we think of, long for, fear or pray for, will manifest.  

The Munay-Ki rites begins the process of  clearing our luminous energy field so
our  “creations” will be  what we want to manifest, instead of what we don’t want!
The  Inca elders realized that the Earth is at such a tipping point that  it is
crucial to share these great initiations of transformation  outside of their lineage.
And now we can share them with you.

As you experience the various Munay-Ki rites, you will feel the presence and
sense the wisdom of men and women throughout time who have broken out of
linear time and now dwell in sacred time, in infinity, free from  the grip of karma
and rebirth. The rites will bring up the heavy energy from old wounds and stories
that have been limiting you, making this heavy energy available for clearing from
your luminous energy field. As you continue with these rites, and receive the
healing work to clear your luminous energy field, you raise your level of vibration.

You will connect with the ever-expanding energy of the universe to create your
world, walking in beauty, integrity, and purpose. You will begin to see with your
intuition and heart. Your life will be filled with love, abundance, health, and joy!

The 9 Rites within Munay-KI are:
1.The Healers rite -  launches healing journey.  Activates your healing power

 Bands of Power - for protection

The Harmony rite - connects you to the organizing principles of the universe

The Seers rite - Awakens the Seer within ; re-wires perceptual centers

Day Keepers rite - Brings healing and beauty

Wisdom keepers rite - Brings wisdom and joy. Eliminate suffering.

Earth Keepers rites - Hold stewardship of entire Earth. Become a vehicle
for peace.

Star Keepers rite - The rites of the time to come - Downloads the final
codes for the new human into the luminous energy field.  Anchors you in the
future. NOW.

Creator rite - Brings the cellular realization that Spirit is not only acting
through you, but as YOU, ineffable Pure Consciousness!
To watch a video about the Munay-Ki, please click on this link:

Munay-Ki video

The Munay-Ki  rites are freely given by us  
through out the year.  

That means the Rites are given
FREE to anyone
who desires them

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